Hi! My name is Lorena, I´m a 19 year old law student.

I know, “why would I read your blog?  you are basically a toddler.” Well, I have always been very shy, an introvert, always cared way toomuch about other people and what they had to say about me, but in the past 2 months, I´ve had an amazing change.

I started listening and watching videos about people who wanted to be better, people that want to improve themselfs everyday. TBH, at first I just listened, but with time I started gaining confidence ( trust me, that´s a realy big issue for me) and I want to share with you my thoughts, how I became this way, what I´m doing to improve myself everyday.

I know this maynot impact your life but I hope I can make you think, and eventually you can experience this change I´m  having.


With love: loregez


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