There are people that are so confident I sometimes get jealous  of how confident they are. Sometimes the way they talk, walk or even the way they sit shows you how much confidence they have in themselves.
I’ve found some things that help me with this,  not that  I’m a 100 percent confident, but they have helped me a lot.

Some of these are things that I’ve kind of always wanted to do but never found the courage to do.

  • Going out to eat alone:                                                                                                             By this is don’t mean like getting coffee,take out, or going to a fast food restaurant,I mean, going to a “nice” restaurant by yourself, it can be a little hard, but you can always start in a restaurant that is not that busy. The first time I did it I was super anxious and worried about what the waiters thought  of me, but when your are done you get this feeling of achievement.
  • Going to the mall alone.                            

I think this is the easiest one, just to go window shopping,  go get a coffee,  and things like that.

  • Going to the movies

This one   I just did yesterday.  And I have to admit  that I avoided doing thisfor more than 6 months because of the anxiety  it gave me. But it was definitely the one that was more satisfying. What I did is that I went to the movies early and picked a movie i wanted to watch. Trust me, this helps a lot, at least it did to me.

I think these help with knowing  yourself and having a little more confident.

Let me know if you have done anythinglike this and how you felt.

With love:



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