So, yeah, I´ve been gone for quite a while now, but im back a million times better.

This past 9 months have been  incredible ( with a lot of ups and downs of course ) .

First things first, I´m 20 now, and I must say I kind of had a crisis about it, i may even write about it. College is getting harder ( as expected) I got new friends, but I still have my old amazing friends. And personally, I think I´ve grown a lot this past few months.

If i really think about it, this past 4 months have been the greatest but also the most chaotic.

I think this really started at the end of August. My grandpa decided to stop going to hemodialysis, and he got good at first but then he started to weaken, so he moved in with us, and that´s what really started all of this.

Seeing my grandpa in that condition made me think about my relationship with him, my parents, friends, and basically everyone I know. And like must people I tried to find answers about life in general and I found them in meditation. NO, I´m not trying to tell you to meditate, that´s just what works for me.

After starting that, I started to get a lot of stress from my room and all the stuff in it . I used to be super messy when I was 13, but around 17 and 18 I  started to get better at it, but my room still had a  lot of stuff on it. Eventually after “decluttering” my room about six times,about 4 suitcases full of clothes, a lot of trash in the span of 4 months,  i finally cleaned my room until i was in peace with my room.

All of this of course made my mom and my friends think i was going insane. And to top it all up, I decided to go zero waste . (Well as close as I can)

And all of this has helped me ALOT, but at first I thought people didnt notice.

About a week ago my friends came over for dinner,we were talking and I started talking about all of this, my friends were so intrigued about it and just had to see my room. Cut to about 6 people in my room and bathroom and me talking to them about meditation , minimalism and  zero waste, at first we were all joking, but I think they noticed that this is important for me and one of them noticed something “You have really changed”  one of my girl friends said ” like in a good way” she said, “yeah , you look happier” another one said, and they were so right, I´ve been so happy with myself and just in general. And he next day my mom told me the exact same thing.

Going into all of this I was skeptical, “what are theyt going to think”, “it wont help at all” and stuff like that. The truth is that it does not matter if people notice or if they care, it matters how you feel about it, but trust me, they will notice.

Btw, I just read this and realized something, it sounds like my grandpa died,  luckily he is still with us. 🙂





There are people that are so confident I sometimes get jealous  of how confident they are. Sometimes the way they talk, walk or even the way they sit shows you how much confidence they have in themselves.
I’ve found some things that help me with this,  not that  I’m a 100 percent confident, but they have helped me a lot.

Some of these are things that I’ve kind of always wanted to do but never found the courage to do.

  • Going out to eat alone:                                                                                                             By this is don’t mean like getting coffee,take out, or going to a fast food restaurant,I mean, going to a “nice” restaurant by yourself, it can be a little hard, but you can always start in a restaurant that is not that busy. The first time I did it I was super anxious and worried about what the waiters thought  of me, but when your are done you get this feeling of achievement.
  • Going to the mall alone.                            

I think this is the easiest one, just to go window shopping,  go get a coffee,  and things like that.

  • Going to the movies

This one   I just did yesterday.  And I have to admit  that I avoided doing thisfor more than 6 months because of the anxiety  it gave me. But it was definitely the one that was more satisfying. What I did is that I went to the movies early and picked a movie i wanted to watch. Trust me, this helps a lot, at least it did to me.

I think these help with knowing  yourself and having a little more confident.

Let me know if you have done anythinglike this and how you felt.

With love:



Hi! My name is Lorena, I´m a 19 year old law student.

I know, “why would I read your blog?  you are basically a toddler.” Well, I have always been very shy, an introvert, always cared way toomuch about other people and what they had to say about me, but in the past 2 months, I´ve had an amazing change.

I started listening and watching videos about people who wanted to be better, people that want to improve themselfs everyday. TBH, at first I just listened, but with time I started gaining confidence ( trust me, that´s a realy big issue for me) and I want to share with you my thoughts, how I became this way, what I´m doing to improve myself everyday.

I know this maynot impact your life but I hope I can make you think, and eventually you can experience this change I´m  having.


With love: loregez